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Beekeeping on a Budget!

Beekeeping is an incredible way to earn some money, get in tune with nature and have a whole lot of fun in the process. You can even get the entire family involved in the process, so that the children can learn the importance of the role that

Nature/Bees: Bees in Science Research (and How to Get Involved)

Did you know that bumblebees have the ability to control objects and they can further pass on this knowledge to their fellow bees? In one scientific study, Lars Chittka from the Queen Mary University in London, together with his research partners, handed a group of bumblebees with

Honey: The Sweet Gift of Nature

Bees are insects that produce honey. In over 20,000 known species of bees, only about 5% is known to make honey. Honey is one of the sweetest substances in nature. Nectar gotten from flowers is converted to honey by bees. It is sometimes consumed directly because of

Nature/Bees: Fascinating Insight to How Bees Communicate

Honey bees communicate using the waggle dance talk which was first noted by Aristotle in 330 BC, and documented in detail in the year 1967 by a zoologist who later won a Nobel Prize. The waggle dance moves, a series of moves that the honey bees perform,

Where Can You Study Biology In the UK?

Biology is a fascinating subject to study. If you can’t decide which area of the science of living things interests you the most, choosing a broad-based course in Biological Sciences may be your best option. Instead of picking a narrow speciality at the beginning of your college

Myths about Bees

Myth 1: Nature is kind and gentle toward bees Bees must play and survive in the ‘survival of the fittest’ states just like every other living thing. Many plants produce pollen and nectar that is toxic to bees and these can wipe out entire apiaries. To add

Bee Illness and Treatments

Getting good quality honey is heavily dependent on having healthy and disease-free bees in a clean natural environment. This requires keeping a close watch on the hives all through the year. Some of the things to watch out for include: Checking for adequate food sources. Sometimes even

Feeding the Bees

Invest in a few good bee feeders as they are essential tools to feed the insects when natural nectar supplies run low. Feeders also make it easy to medicate the bees if required. New colonies of bees work well with pail feeders and entrance feeders. Keep the

Capturing a Swarm

Swarming can be both a good and a bad thing. As an event, it occurs naturally and usually results in a new colony being formed. A swarm takes place when a senior queen leaves a hive, along with half the worker bees. Swarming is usually caused by

Getting an apiary started

Once you have deciided to embark on the exciting journey of bee-keeping such as Oak Tree Cottage Apiary and so many others, there is some work to be done. First of all, decide how many hives to start with. Two is an ideal number for both fun