Back to Nature is more than just a fad or style. It is an essential attitude change and choosing a way of life. A natural way is the only healthy way to live and a life lived closest to nature is sure to be the closest to perfection that life can get. This is why people over the world are abandoning unhealthy practices and lifestyles and opting for choices that are based in the natural realm. This is why we say no to plastic, why we use eco-friendly cosmetics and why we are trying to save endangered species of plants and animals.

We at Oak Tree Cottage Apiary understand this philosophy entirely. We have been in the bee-keeping business for many years and have never strayed from our commitment to keeping it natural and simple. Our bees are kept outdoors under the sky and in wide open meadows filled with succulent grass and expanses of wildflowers. We wash out our hives using only water and organic products. Our methods of extracting the honey are natural and entirely by hand.

Once the honey is extracted, our bottling and storing processes are clean, safe and simple. Most of the work is done by hand by people who have worked with us for years. That is why our honey is known and loved by people both near and far. We have never needed to advertise our products, our faithful clientele come from word of mouth alone. Tasting our honey is like getting a taste of the sun and wind, clouds and soil. There is nothing else like it!