Beekeeping on a Budget!

Beekeeping is an incredible way to earn some money, get in tune with nature and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

You can even get the entire family involved in the process, so that the children can learn the importance of the role that bees have in the world through pollination and they will get to enjoy the wonderful honey that the bees produce.

beekeepingBeekeeping can be a very expensive endeavour but it does not have to be so.

There are many ways to get a hive up and running without having to spend a fortune in the process. The number one thing you will require when beekeeping is of course bees!

The best way to get a hive started if you are just beginning and are on a budget is to capture a hive yourself. There are a few ways to go about this process.

The first is to set a swarm trap. Set the trap in a good location – about 15ft off the ground with the entrance facing to the south. Place a frame of honeycomb in the trap so that the scout bees will smell it, then wait for a swarm to locate and inhabit it. Alternatively, you can place some synthetic queen bee pheromones in the trap or even some lemongrass essential oil on a cotton-ball to entice the bees, as this closely mimics the scent of the queen bee.

After you have trapped a swarm you will need a place to keep them. Again, you can do this on a budget by searching for used beekeeping items on the internet and buy stuff that other bee keepers are no longer interested in.

There are very few things that you will need that you will not find this way.

If you cannot find what you need, build it!

Be sure to get advice from other beekeeping sites like if you require any further help in your new endeavour.