Where Can You Study Biology In the UK?

Biology is a fascinating subject to study. If you can’t decide which area of the science of living things interests you the most, choosing a broad-based course in Biological Sciences may be your best option. Instead of picking a narrow speciality at the beginning of your college time, try a bit of everything and see what suits you best. The basic course will cover topics like plant science, marine ecology, evolution, biochemistry, human physiology, cell structure, environmental issues, genetics and habitat ecology. Biology studies include such a variety of subjects!

shutterstock_106977947The best universities to study Biological Sciences

If you’re ready to pursue a Bachelor in Biology, here are some places you might want to consider. According to rankings, the best university for biology studies is the University of Cambridge. Natural Sciences degree in Cambridge leads in categories like student satisfaction and graduate prospects. For those, who see themselves as researchers, Oxford can be a slightly better choice – its research quality score is particularly high. On the 3rd and 4th positions are two London schools: Imperial College London and University College London. Students graduating from Durham, York or Edinburgh universities also shouldn’t complain – the quality of education they’ve received is pretty high.

Who doesn’t risk…

An interesting alternative is The University of Sussex – last year placed on the 32nd position, this year reached the top 10. It’s still relatively easy to get in, so it might be a chance for all those who didn’t do well on their exams. The real surprise is that The University of Sussex leads in bee studies. The Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects (LASI) focuses not only on honey bees but on social insects in general. Students can get involved in Professor Ratnieks’ research, take a course in Behavioural Ecology or Social Insects, join Junior Research Associate Bursaries or simply volunteer. All bee-lovers, Sussex awaits you.